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7 Things to Know About Choosing An Atlanta Event Rental Company

Posted by Courtney Sapire

Sep 9, 2014 6:36:44 PM

Furniture and equipment rentals are an essential component of event planning. For that reason, choosing an event rental company is critical - it can even make or break your event.  Here’s a checklist of important factors to take into consideration:

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Top 8 Traits of Successful Event Planners

Posted by Kasey Brinson

Aug 11, 2014 4:55:47 PM

According to Planning Pod, a provider of event management and planning tools and apps, successful event planners share several traits in common. 

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Backyard BBQing with one of the BEST!

Posted by Kasey Brinson

Jul 3, 2014 12:27:00 PM

With America’s birthday tomorrow, one of the most spirited holidays of the year, we thought it only appropriate to do a Backyard BBQ post to kickoff the July 4th weekend. Read. Enjoy. Snag a tip or two, and jot down these refreshing ‘beat the heat’ drinks courtesy of a real cocktail connoisseur.  I mean, it’s HOT out there, friends.  You gotta stay hydrated!  

We sent our resident Communications girl, Kasey, a self proclaimed foodie, into the trenches to speak with native Atlanta culinary stud, Chef Chris Hall of Local Three. Read on to hear about our chat with this top-notch sultan of the kitchen ...

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Event Planning Best Practices: 5 Tips for Starting Great Client Relationships

Posted by Courtney Sapire

Jun 4, 2014 2:15:00 PM

You know what they say in the event planning business: “A happy client is a happy life …” Satisfied clients (and lots of them) are the keys to building an Atlanta event planning business. They will spread the word on what a great event planner you are, and are the foundation of a solid event industry reputation.  That’s why it’s so important as an event planner to set the stage for event planning success.  Here are some essential tips to increase the odds of getting great referrals and building your event planning business:

  1. What are your client’s event objectives?  Is it determined by the number of attendees, flawless execution or by staying within budget? It’s important to start by defining the metrics for a successful event.

  2. Does your client have a date and an Atlanta venue for the event?  These seem like a no-brainer questions, but it’s a way to gauge how far along the client is in the concept phase, and potentially how much time you will spend on those aspects of event planning.  

  • It’s easier to find Atlanta venues for smaller groups, but capacity thresholds will be tighter. 
  • Scaling down is MUCH easier, so make sure your client is choosing an event venue that can accommodate the largest guest list projection.
  • 4-6 months of event planning time is ideal.

  • Budget: Has your client worked through details to come up with a per-person budget amount?  There are always unforeseen expenses that occur in the event planning process.  For that reason, it’s a good idea to start out as detailed as possible so that cost-cutting opportunities are easier to find. 

    • Small events can actually cost more per person because hotel and catering prices decrease as the event headcount increases.
    • Don’t forget to discuss taxes, insurance, security deposits, and service and gratuity fees.
    • Does the client understand how you, as the event planner, gets paid? 

  • How many guests will be in attendance?  The difference between 500 and 700 event guests is significant. This is an important qualifying question to assess whether your client has an understanding of event cost structure, and if not, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate value with some event-hosting education.

  • Expectation Management:  What are the essential elements that your client can’t live without?  Uncovering any gaps between event expectations and affordability early in the process can help avert surprises and roadblocks later.
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    Event Trends for 2014

    Posted by Courtney Sapire

    May 29, 2014 2:29:00 PM

    Atlanta event planners are always on the lookout for ways to stand out from the competition with the latest designs.  For some inspiration to get the creative wheels turning, here are some event planning trends in Atlanta for 2014:

      1. Think Gatsby and Steampunk. Industrial Chic is IN.  The Shabby Chic looks have transitioned to rustic woods, Midcentury modern pieces, and vintage metals like railroad iron.  Atlanta event designers are pairing these with swanky chrome or French-inspired feminine mirrors to add some eclectic creative contrast to event themes.

      2. Accessories.  A sure way to create a unique 2014 event look is to accessorize with décor items, rugs, lighting and botanicals.  It’s all about visual interest, and adding décor elements helps clients differentiate their events.  Trending design examples include vintage trunks, birdcages, clocks, and metal bakers racks.

      3. LED!  It’s everywhere in events these days, from the dance floor to the tables … and even incorporated into the entertainer’s costumes.  
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